Molecule World™ for iPhone


Explore the building blocks of life with Molecule World for iPhone.

Molecule World combines science with art to show chemicals, proteins, DNA, and RNA in 3 dimensions. 
Stunning displays and a variety of coloring styles reveal hidden properties of atoms, bases, and amino acid residues.
  • View molecular and chemical structures in 3D
  • Manipulate structures easily with your fingertips
  • Color by molecule, residue, sequence properties (rainbow), or chemical properties such as charge, or hydrophobicity
  • ​Highlight selected types of molecules
  • Capture images for artwork and lab reports
  • Draw structures as ball & stick models, space fill models, or tubes
  • View the backbone or a complete structure with all the side chains
  • Use the color key to identify elements, residues, or chemical properties
  • Work with structures from the NCBI, PDB, and PubChem in Cn3D, PDB, and SDF formats
Pinch your fingertips apart to zoom in, pinch together to zoom out.
Drag with one finger to turn molecules around. 
Drag with two fingers to move a molecule across the screen.
Capture a picture of your work and share with your friends.
Questions about Molecule World?  See Molecule World questions.

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Nucleosome (1AOI) with DNA - 12,385 atoms.

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