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DWBio Amino Fish

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Amino Fish™ cards show the biological properties and structures of these important molecules. If you can read, you can have fun playing Amino Fish. You may even find yourself learning the amino acid alphabet with the names and one letter abbreviations ... Learn more

DWBio Amino Fish Pro

Amino Fish Pro™ is a great way to test your memory and have fun at the same time. The deck contains 60 cards, with three suits of 20 amino acids, colored by element, hydrophobicity, or charge. Extra cards with game rules and color keys are included. Unlike Amino Fish, these ... Learn more

Amino Fish Spacefill Expansion Pack Make your Amino Fish games a little more challenging by adding the Amino Fish Spacefill Expansion Pack™. The Spacefill Expansion Pack contains 20 cards with amino acids shown in a space fill drawing style and colored by element. Add these cards to your Amino Fish ... Learn more

DWBio Amino Rummy

The Amino Rummy™ deck contains three suits with 20 amino acids in each. The three suits show amino acids colored by their composition (element) or properties (charge or hydrophobicity). Atoms in the element suit have unique colors: carbons are grey, nitrogens blue, oxygens red, and sulfurs, yellow. The charge and ... Learn more

Biochemi cards are great for learning about the four major groups of biomolecules: fats, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, and proteins. Learn more

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