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Immuno-Bioinformatics Infographic

Course Overview Shoreline’s Immuno-bioinformatics will be a five-week hands on computer class that will demonstrate ways in which immunologists use bioinformatics. Topics will include receptor profiling, vaccine development, and reagent / drug development as described below. Receptor Profiling - Receptor Profiling, made possible by high-throughput, massively parallel, DNA sequencing is ... Learn more

Digital World Biology has created several resources for using BLAST and working with the data. The BLAST (basic local alignment and search tool) is one of the most important and widely used bioinformatics tools. It is recommended for AP biology, and should be part of any introduction to bioinformatics. Learn more

Digital World Biology is a strong supporter of science education at all levels. With support from the National Science Foundation, we assisted in developing bioinformatics curriculum for high schools and popular bioinformatics tutorials that are used in both college and high school classes. We have shared these materials at several ... Learn more

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