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Digital World Biology designs application-based bioinformatics curricula and provides courses on bioinformatics instruction. 

Discovering Biology in a Digital World

Bioinformatics from google
Google image results from a search with "bioinformatics" This October (9-11, 2019), I attended the 3rd NIBLSE conference entitled: " ... Read more
A recent article from STAT news (1) relayed the story of Jaci, a young woman in Iowa dying from a rare form of ALS, and her parents heroic ... Read more
Immuno-biotechnology and Bioinformatics in Community Colleges
Immuno-biotechnology an important field of biotechnology. With the advent of advanced DNA sequencing, and other technologies, immuno- ... Read more
In early April 2019, the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB, Settle WA) hosted its 18th annual symposium. This year's theme focused on ... Read more
Shoreline Immuno-Bioininformatics Instance
It would be unfair to teach an advanced bioinformatics class without getting into the weeds of command line interfaces (CLIs), heading, ... Read more

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